Chimney Repairs

city and guildsTony Preston has a  city and guilds advanced craft certification in Brickwork and a higher national certificate in building, ensuring your chimney is in expert hands. All brickwork repairs, pointing and chimney rebuilds are undertaken.

Maintaining your chimney is important to avoid deterioration of the brickwork which can result in water ingress to the house and the chimney stack becoming dangerous through loose bricks and rendering. Chimney pots can become unstable through constant weathering and the cement capping (flaunching) can crack or even fall away

Below a chimney requires a partial re-build and the pointing and flaunching renovating to avoid water penetration into the house structure.

As an added precaution Tony then treats the brickwork with a clear water repelling solution to ensure the repair is completely water tight.

Prior to Renevation

Tony explains what needs to be done prior to removing the rendering on the front of the chimney.

Observation after removal of render

Tony shows the poor condition of the brickwork once the render had been removed from the chimney stack, showing that the brickwork needs to be rebuilt.

After Rebuild

Tony show’s the results after rebuilding the brickword, re pointing and having done the flaunching. He has also treated the brickwork with a waterproof solution to prevent any water leakage into the chimney stack.

Flue CHeck chimney services can perform any repairs to your Chimney including :-

  • Brickwork Repairs

  • Chimney Rebuilds

  • Cap Off Chimneys

  • Chimney Demolitions

  • Remove Chimney Breasts

  • Re Pointing